Honest Food Club by Woodford Heirloom Farm is an online farmers market stocked with local, seasonal products. Each item available in the store lists where it was grown, raised or made and each local producer has a short description in the “Vendors” section. You’ll know exactly where the food came from, how it was grown or raised and be able to put a face to everything you order. Good luck doing that at the super market!

Orders must be placed Saturdays through Tuesday for pick up the upcoming Saturday. The online store will be closed Wednesday through Friday while we get the orders together and update our inventory.

Delivery days are Saturday. Customers are to meet the delivery driver at their pick up location at the scheduled time and date. Orders will not be left at a location for later pick up (without prior arrangements with hosting store’s owner). The delivery driver will only be at a location for 30 mins max as we have a schedule to keep. Any orders not picked up will be donated and no refunds will be granted. 

Please make sure you live in or near a delivery location before purchasing a membership. Click on the “Locations” link to see what areas we are delivering to.


Click the “Start” button to create a user name and start shopping.